Data Entry

    There are two ways to enter hours.
  • With ProPay, you can enter the hours worked while talking to your clients on the phone or from a faxed time sheet.
  • With ProPay WEB, your clients go online and enter the hours worked each pay date, add new employees, or make employee changes. This results in huge savings in payroll processing costs

Automatic Tax Payments

    This is done automatically each time you print payroll checks. The program creates payments in various ways:
  • Paper Tax Checks: Tax checks are printed and sent to the client with each payroll. On the check stub, it has the date when the taxes are due.
  • Electronic Tax Payments: This is by far the most efficient way to pay taxes. It guarantees that the payment will be made on time, reduces client aggravation and avoids tax penalties.


There are many types of payroll deductions or garnishments. These can be child support, alimony, tax levies, union dues, savings accounts and many, many more. Each one of them requires separate ways of calculating the amount due. ProPay can calculate all these deductions based on a flat amount, percentage of the gross, percentage of the net, percentage of disposable income, etc. You can also set limit amounts so deductions can stop automatically. In addition, ProPay will generate a check automatically to the appropriate agency for payment of these garnishments. All this adds to significant time savings when processing payrolls.

Email Checks

ProPay has a built-in PDF file creation feature that can create a PDF file of all the checks. This file is encrypted and can be automatically emailed to the client each pay date. The client can then print the checks on site. This process can save time, adds convenience for the client, and saves on delivery charges.

ONLINE Access to Payroll Records

ProPay WEB is an add-on module that allows your clients to enter payroll hours prior to each pay date, make employee changes, etc. In addition, clients have a wide array of all essential reports at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, by accessing their payroll records via the internet. This is a great marketing tool for attracting new clients, as well as a time savings feature for the payroll provider since the clients can help themselves.

Client Billing

    There are several billing options:
  • System-wide billing: You can establish some fees on a “per check” basis plus a base fee, and ProPay will automatically apply the appropriate charges to your client’s account each time a payroll is processed.
  • Client specific billing: You can disable the system wide billing from a certain client and define some unique charges that will apply only to this client each time a payroll is processed.
  • Electronic collection of funds: You can collect your fees electronically each time you do a payroll, or once a month for any, or all clients.
  • Statement billing: ProPay can generate a billing statement automatically with each payroll, or once a month. The client can then pay from the statement.
  • Flat Fee billing: You may also charge your clients a Flat fee and avoid the “Per Check” charges.

Filing of Tax Returns

    There are many ways to file tax returns.
  • Paper Filing: You can print ALL your clients’ Tax returns at once with the push of a button. BATCH PRINTING reduces the time you need to print tax returns.
  • E-Filing: This is the most efficient way to file 941’s, 940’s and some states tax returns. You create one file for all your clients and send it to the IRS, or your state. The whole process takes a few minutes. There is no need to sign tax returns, prepare envelopes, mailing of returns, postage, etc. The most important feature however, is that you are guaranteed that the returns are filed on time, avoiding penalties or letters from the IRS.
  • Magnetic Media Filing: This is similar to E-filing, but it is used for all states that have not complied yet to the latest IRS E-filing method.

Email Reports

Using the same built-in PDF file creation feature ProPay can create a PDF file of all reports. This file is also encrypted and can be automatically emailed to the client each pay date. The client can then view the reports using the Adobe Acrobat Reader and print them on site, if so desired. As with the emailing of checks, this process can save time, adds convenience for the client, and saves on delivery charges.